Parcours has Great Potential

February 1, 2007 2:22 PM

On Monday, at the invitation of Parcours free runner Tom Langham, Tom Brake MP joined Sutton's Parcours runners for one of their regular training sessions in the All Saints Community Centre, New Road in Hackbridge.

Mr Brake said, "Parcours or Free running, which involves running and jumping to find the shortest route between A and B could be huge and attract a whole new generation of young people into sport who have been put off by more traditional team games.

He added, "It's an all-round sport combining running and gymnastics".

The parcours runners already work with a number of groups including schools and police. They train either on Durand Close or in the All Saints Community Centre depending on the weather.

Unfortunately Mr Brake left his trainers at home and wasn't able to practise any of the hand-stands or flips that are a feature of Parcours running.

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