Tom Brake Shows Support for Local Producers

July 17, 2007 10:11 AM
Tom Brake & Patricia Mayor

Tom Brake is seen here with Worcester Park based specialist local baker, Patricia Mayor of Rosehip and Rye Bakery.

On Saturday July 14th, Tom Brake MP turned out at the Wallington Farmers' Market to celebrate farmers' market month and show his support for local producers and farmers.

Tom Brake, who was presented with a jute bag by Rupert Lynch, the Co-ordinator of the Wallington Farmers' Market, spent his time touring the market and sampling the variety of fresh, tasty and local produce on hand.

"Farmers markets are a great place to pick up good quality produce whilst still supporting your local grower, producer or artisan baker" remarked Tom Brake after his visit.

Entertaining Mr Brake and the other visitors in the library gardens were the SCOLA Woodwind ensemble and the SCOLA saxophones.

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