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Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington


Local Man Puts Cancer at the Top of the Political Agenda

March 31, 2008 3:40 PM
Raj Sharma (left) and Tom meet at Parliament to talk about how to improve sancer screening.

Raj Sharma (left) and Tom meet at Parliament to talk about how to improve cancer screening.

A local man has been helping to spread the word about Cancer Research UK's Screening Matters campaign.

Raj Sharma, from Carshalton, travelled to Parliament to talk to Tom Brake MP about how they can help to improve cancer screening.

Raj Sharma went as part of a group of volunteer campaigners from around the country to meet their MPs in London.

The Screening Matters campaign aims to highlight the importance of the three NHS cancer screenings programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancer. It will also reach out to those people eligible for screening who aren't currently taking part.

Raj Sharma convinced Tom Brake MP to commit to three separate actions on behalf of the campaign. He will promote the campaign in Parliament, work with local Primary Care Trusts to make screening a priority and encourage constituents to attend screening if invited.

Tom Brake MP said: "It was really useful to meet Raj Sharma. He has highlighted to me some important issues around cancer screening. I support Cancer Research UK's Screening Matters campaign and will be following up on the actions I've committed to today."

Raj Sharma said: "It is enormously helpful to have the support of Tom Brake MP for the Screening Matters campaign, which aims to encourage an extra three million people to attend breast, bowel and cervical screening and to raise greater awareness among the public so that they take advantage of these programmes that all help to save lives."

For more information on Cancer Research UK's Screening Matters campaign, or to pledge support, please visit

If you are interested in becoming an Cancer Research UK Ambassador contact the CancerCampaigns Team on or write to the CancerCampaigns Team, Cancer Research UK, FREEPOST WC4066/3, London, WC2A 3BR.