Brake and Burstow Meet Magistrates to Discuss Future of Local Court

April 16, 2008 12:20 PM
Photo; from left to right, Tony Kerr, Pat Cook (front), Paul Burstow and Tom Brake

There were concerns over the future of Sutton Magistrates Court

Local Liberal Democrat MP's Tom Brake, and Paul Burstow, MPs for Carshalton and Wallington and Sutton and Cheam respectively, met Sutton magistrates Pat Cook - the Chairman of the Sutton Magistrates' Bench - and Tony Kerr and officials from Her Majesty's Court Service (HMCS) to discuss concerns over the future of the court.

These concerns emerged after administrative functions were transferred from Sutton to Croydon, reducing staffing in Sutton's court.

The outcome of the meeting was very positive with magistrates and MPs receiving assurances from Her Majesty's Court Service that the future of the court was secure. This means that Sutton Magistrates can continue to offer the people of Sutton Borough a local justice service that is simple, speedy and accessible.

The HMCS indicated that the court would not only stay open, but that HMCS were keen to see additional work being put before the court.

Commenting on the meeting Paul Burstow MP said

"After fighting two successful battles to keep the court open, it seems the Court's future is secure. We will of course remain vigilant but will hold the HMCS to their commitment to identify new work for our court."

Tom Brake MP said

""I was reassured by the HMCS's (Her Majestys Court Service) response to our questioning. The Court is greatly valued and must be kept open for the sake of victims, witnesses and the police so they have easy access to local justice."

Pat Cook, Sutton Bench Chairman added, "Sutton Court's future has been assured which is exceptionally good news. We're a local court working for the benefit of local people."

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