Charles Cryer Theatre Hosts Political Quiz Show

November 24, 2008 11:22 PM
Tom Brake (left), Lembit Opik (centre) and Paul Burstow exchange blows during topical quiz!

MPs take on Cllr and Local Party Team in Political Quiz

On Thursday, the Charles Cryer Theatre was host to a heavy-weight light entertainment topical quiz show.

In a TV-style debate, Lib Dem Celeb Lembit Opik MP and Paul Burstow MP faced Cllr Dave Callaghan and local Lib Dem Chair Neil Frater in a quiz show ably chaired by Tom Brake MP.

They had to keep their fingers on the buzzers for a series of political brain-teasers from this and the other side of the Atlantic.

Jokes about out-going US President George Bush flowed thick and fast, along with the occasional gentle jibe at ex-PM Tony Blair. The panel did not escape scrutiny with Lembit Opik MP quizzed about his interest in asteroids.

Tom Brake said after the event, "It was great to be able to let our hair down and prove that for at least one day out of 365, politicians leave their suits at home and dare reveal their frivolous side."

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