'UK supermarkets must play fair in developing countries' -BRAKE

March 11, 2009 5:33 PM

Tom Brake in front of his local TescoLocal MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake joins the new campaign launched by Action Aid by urging UK supermarkets to play fair in developing countries.

Tom is sending 5 pence today to Sir Terry, Chief Executive of Tescos. This is the extra amount of money Tescos would have to pay its suppliers for a kilo of South African apples for women farm workers to be paid a fair wage.

Fruit pickers in the Tesco supply chain in South Africa barely earn enough to feed their families. According to Action Aid, with their pay so low, they spend 80% of their income on food. UK families spend an average of 20%.

The Competition Commission report found that UK supermarkets transfer "unexpected costs and excessive risks" to their suppliers, and could ultimately undermine consumer quality and choice. It recommended a strengthened Code of Practice for supermarkets, with an independent Ombudsman to enforce it.

Tom Brake in front of his local Tesco commented:

'We must build stable and secure food supply chains for the long term. UK supermarkets are consistently wielding their buying power to beat down supplier prices. It is vital that the Ombudsman is established to stop this growing problem.

'We must help poor workers in developing countries break out of poverty pay.'

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