Local MP marches for Baby P

April 15, 2009 12:27 PM
Tom Brake and Claire Burns at the Baby P rally in Trafalgar Square

Changes are needed to the way vulnerable children are looked after

Local MP Tom Brake addressed a rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday demanding greater resources to be made available to social services. The rally, which was jointly organised by Wallington resident Claire Burns, came at the end of a march for Baby P and other victims of child abuse. The march was part of the wider 12.10 PM campaign, referring to the time at which Baby P was pronounced dead.

The emotive story of Baby P inspired the formation of this campaign, which is calling for reforms of the practices of child protection services concerning child protection. The reforms they are advocating include unannounced check-ups on families who have been referred to social services.

The march began at Westminster at 11.30 am, with the protesters passing The Houses of Parliament before finishing at Trafalgar Square. At this point a rally was staged, a key part of the nationwide protests. Tom Brake was there to speak to the assembled crowd in support of their cause.

Following the march, Tom commented:

"I, like many other people, was deeply shocked at the case of Baby P. I feel it highlights just how crucial it is to ensure that our social services can keep our children safe. That is why I am supporting this march and calling for more government funding and investment in our social services."

"This would mean that our social workers would be fully trained and equipped to prevent any further tragedies occurring.

The lack of communication between agencies involved with vulnerable children needs to be urgently addressed and we need to ensure that similar failings are not happening in other councils.

Baby P was badly failed by the system which should have protected him, and the strength of public reaction reflects this."

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