Carbon capture debate up in smoke

March 2, 2010 12:53 PM

The debate over coal-fired power stations rumbles on, with coal-fired power plants not committed to emissions targets until as late as 2025.

The regime proposed under the new Energy Bill will block the introduction of an emissions performance standard.

"Our ambition is that any new coal plant constructed from 2020 will be fully carbon capture and storage from day one, said Joan Ruddock, Minister for Energy and Climate Change and that coal-fired power stations will retrofit to carbon capture storage 2025."

Local MP Tom Brake pressed the Minister over the emissions trading scheme during parliamentary questions, which he said wasn't working.

"The energy industry needs a stronger signal now that the Government are serious about getting carbon out of energy," said Tom Brake, "otherwise it will not make the necessary investments."

Britain's first carbon capture and storage plant is to be built in Yorkshire, thanks to joint funding from the UK Government and the European Union.

Last year Ed Miliband, Climate Change Minister, held talks with the Chinese government on sharing the benefits of Britain's investment in carbon capture and storage. Britain is a world leader in the research and development of this technology.

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