X26 Won't Brake for The Plough

June 11, 2010 3:46 PM

Local MP, Tom Brake has slammed Transport for London's refusal to allow the X26 bus service to stop at The Plough in Beddington.

The news will come as a disappointment to the hundreds of local residents who have supported Tom Brake's campaign to reinstate a stop at the Plough. Instead TfL have suggested that the passengers should travel by bus to Wallington, Sutton and Croydon, where it stops. However, the X26 already passes The Plough on every journey it makes.

Following a meeting with Tom Brake, TfL carried out feasibility tests to investigate the possibility of reinstating the stop. However, TfL have claimed that the current route is the perfect balance between accessibility and express service and adding any extra stops will disrupt this.

Tom Brake said, "I think it is ridiculous that TfL refuse to allow the X26 to stop at the Plough, especially as it would only add a few minutes to a 110 minute journey."

"Beddington residents deserve to be able to easily catch the bus to Heathrow Airport and other places along the route that provide great job opportunies, even more so due to the fact the bus drives past the stop over 30 times a day."

Tom has vowed to continue the campaign until the Mayor sees sense and to see the evidence that stopping at the Plough would ruin the balance between accessibility and speed.

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