MP fights to save cheques

February 7, 2011 2:18 PM

Local MP Tom Brake MP has pledged his support to the campaign to save the cheque and has called on banks to reconsider their decision to scrap them. In 2009 the Payments Council announced proposals to abolish the use of cheques. However there has yet to be a viable paper alternative put forward to replace a measure which is used mostly by charities and older members of the community.

Tom has recently signed an Early Day Motion in Parliament which highlights that nearly 4 million cheques are written each day and expresses concern at the inconvenience the decision to scrap cheques will cause, particularly to the elderly.

Tom said: 'It seems unfair that the Payment Council announced a change in how many people and charities receive and pay money. The most vulnerable members of our community rely on this method of financial transaction. It must not be scrapped without a viable alternative in place'

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