MP warns local residents over power cuts

February 18, 2011 11:16 AM

Local MP Tom Brake has spoken out to encourage vulnerable residents in Sutton to sign up to a special register that could provide them with additional support in the event of a power cut.

The Priority Services Register, run by UK Power Networks who are responsible for electricity distribution in the London Area and the South East, is a free scheme focused on registering people who are chronically sick or disabled and those who rely on electrical medical equipment. In the event of a power cut those on the register would be prioritised and contacted proactively by the company. In case of a widespread fault, though power would not be restored any quicker, registered residents would be offered additional help and support wherever possible.

"Power cuts are always disruptive, but for people who rely on their supply for medical equipment or who are vulnerable they can be extremely distressing", said Tom. "This register is an excellent way of providing help to the people who really need it. I would encourage anyone in Sutton who thinks they may be eligible to sign up."

The Chief Executive of UK Power Networks Basil Scarsella said that while the company would do all it could to avoid power shortages, precautions were being taken for vulnerable residents. "We realise how difficult it is to be without power and work hard to keep the lights on. But if there is a power cut, it helps us to know where our vulnerable customers are so that we can offer them additional support and help."

The Priority Services Register is open to all local residents who are sick, disabled or who rely on electricity for medical equipment. Tom also urged any Sutton resident who feels they may have a special case to contact the company for consideration. "Even if you are unsure contact the company as they might be able to help you. We want to ensure that as many people who are in need of help receive it."

To sign up to the register, residents should call 0800 169 9970 or send their details and contact information to

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