Local MP supports better transport for Sutton

March 17, 2011 10:07 AM

Government Minister, Norman Baker, has said that the Government would like to see an extension of trams systems around the country, including the extension of the Croydon Tramlink into Sutton. The Minister's comments came in response to a question from local MP Tom Brake in Transport Questions.

If the Sutton extension becomes a reality Tramlink will serve St. Helier Hospital a route for which is designed in the plans. Transport for London has also recognised the two potential routes to Sutton, from Morden and Mitcham Junction, in the South London Plan.

The prospect of an extension of the Croydon Tramlink network to Sutton now looks more promising. Although there is no immediate commitment or prospect of funding from the Mayor of London, the Mayor's new South London Sub-Regional Transport Plan contains four potential Tramlink extensions including Sutton.

Tom Brake has said: "Sutton residents would really benefit from a tram connecting Croydon to Sutton. I'm doing what I can to ensure the best possible public transport for Sutton and a tram service would decrease the amount of car traffic around Sutton which is better for our environment and would make travelling easier and safer for everyone."

"Part of the tax paid by Sutton's taxpayers goes to fund transport projects across London to make transport better for all London residents. It's time for Transport for London to pay attention to Sutton's needs and bring better public transport to our residents."

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