Local People say 'Yes' to AV

March 21, 2011 2:41 PM

Local MP Tom Brake's award-winning e-poll has shown overwhelming public backing for the Alternative Vote (AV) in May.

Members of Tom's e-group were asked how they planned to vote in the referendum in May and 79% of those who responded said they would vote 'Yes' to change our system to the AV.

Under the current voting system half of the seats in the UK are effectively safe, which has created a feeling of complacency amongst some MPs. AV would mean that every MP would need to get at least 50% of the vote, ensuring that more voters are represented and an end to wasted votes.

Tom, who is campaigning hard for a 'Yes' vote alongside activists from all parties and local people, said: "Our current system of First Past the Post is out of date and allows some MPs to be elected despite most people in their constituency not voting for them. Under AV every vote will count. I want to make sure that all MPs work hard for their constituents, and fairer voting under the AV system will see an end to many safe seats where MPs are guaranteed a job for life."

To get involved and show your support for the Alternative Vote visit www.yestofairervotes.org or get in contact with the local team on 07538 567637 or email yestofairervotessutton@gmail.com.

You can also fill in a quick online survey to say how you would like to help in Sutton- http://tinyurl.com/YESSutton.

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