Local MP hosts musical event at Wallington Library

April 26, 2011 3:50 PM

The week before last Tom Brake presented a selection of classical music at a 'Coffee Concert' event at Wallington Library.

The bi-weekly session gave Tom the opportunity to play and discuss six of his favourite pieces of music before an audience of around 50 people.

Tom said: "I love music, but I'm not an expert in any way. An old colleague in Parliament, David Mellor, managed to forge a career for himself presenting on Classic FM. Sadly I don't think this would be an option for me if I left Parliament!"

Tom's set of 'easy listening' classical pieces included compositions by Bach, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff.

He added: "My great great uncle actually took piano lessons with Rachmaninoff, so it's nice to have a tenuous family connection to the music I enjoy listening to! Time allowing, I would love to relearn the piano."

The 'Coffee Concerts' series are organised collaboratively by the Wallington and Carshalton Gramophone Society, Wallington Library and the Friends of Wallington Library and Gardens.

The 'Coffee Concerts' take place every other Wednesday at Wallington Library. Admission is free and light refreshments are available to those who attend.

For more information ring 0208 770 4900 or email wallington.library@sutton.gov.uk.

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