November 21, 2011 3:43 PM

On the 16th November Tom Brake MP visited the House of Reeves - the furniture store partly destroyed by fire in the August riots. Tom met with Maurice and Trevor, the Chairman and Owner - and fourth and fifth generations - of the family run business that has sat on Reeves Corner since 1867.

Tom talked about the impact the riots had on the Croydon area and the local community. Tom also discussed issues that have arisen in the aftermath of the disturbances, such as the role and effectiveness of the police, insurance, problems surrounding staff recruitment and also the wider, far reaching issues, including the economy.

There was praise for the immediate response by the central and local authorities. A key part of the Croydon recovery has been down to the response from central and local government; Croydon Council, in the wake of the riots provided more than £205,500 of interest free loans to the worst affected traders to help them get their businesses back up and running. The Council also offered £1,000 to any business with a crime reference number to aid the clean up, as well as providing £249,000 in hardship grants and £137,129 in business rates hardship relief.

Tom said: "It is great to see that this store, which has been part of this community for over a hundred years, is getting back on its feet. It is so important that local shops and businesses are given all the support they need to recover and rebuild following on from the terrible events of the summer."

Maurice and Trevor Reeves say that they have been fully supported by the local communities as they work hard to rebuild their furniture store. They also are very keen to see more developments in Reeves Corner and the local community, particularly the Broad Green area and the area surrounding West Croydon train station.

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