February 28, 2012 11:10 AM

On Wednesday 8th February, Tom Brake attended a medal reception in honour of the Prince of Wales' Pakistan Recovery Fund.

The reception was to commemorate the Mosques in the UK which had made significant contributions to HRH's fund. They received limited edition commissioned commemorative medals from the Queen's medal makers.

The Pakistan Recovery Fund is a charity that aims to help deal with the colossal humanitarian crisis that has developed in Pakistan since the 2010 floods. With projects aimed at education, health, livelihoods and homes, the Recovery Fund has a wide ranging brief that aims to tackle the long term effects of the disaster.

Since the disaster, over 2.4 million hectares of crops have been lost and over 1.7million homes destroyed. Moreover, 1.6 million children have been affected by damaged schools or because schools have had to be used as shelters.

Lal Hussain from Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association of Sutton was presented with a bronze medal for contribution to the fund.

Tom Brake said:

"The Pakistan Recovery Fund is a great charity doing fantastic work. The work Lal Hussain and all those at the Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association is to be commended. Although the spotlight may not be on Pakistan at the moment, it is so important that we do not forget how much support they continue to need."

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