Helicopter Noise

July 10, 2012 11:49 AM

Local MP Tom Brake is calling for an end to excessive helicopter noise. Responding to dozens of constituents' complaints of noise pollution in the area, Tom has brought the question to the floor of the House of Commons during both Question Time and through an Early Day Motion.

Tom asked Theresa Villiers MP, Minister of State for Transport, about the issue in the House on 28 June: "Helicopter flights cause significant noise disturbance for people living under flight paths and they also benefit from reduced fuel taxes. Will the Minister look at schemes such as those adopted in Paris and Los Angeles to tackle helicopter noise and also look at the unfair tax advantage that helicopter operators have?"

Villiers sympathized with the irritation caused by excessive noise pollution from helicopters and assured Tom that the Government would look into the matter.

Tom is submitting an Early Day Motion to the House of Commons that reflects his concern over this issue.

The motion says "That this House notes with concern the large number of non-essential helicopter flights over London causing unacceptable levels of noise pollution to large numbers of residents in urban areas; notes that lack of regulation in this field means that there is no limit on night-time flying and that sufficient safety precautions are not in place for the landing sites; notes that there is no formal way to monitor whether helicopters have complied with basic flight regulations and guidelines; believes that motorists should incur additional costs when travelling in congested areas like London and that it is inappropriate for helicopter users to pay no additional charges beyond a reduced level of fuel excise duty; calls on the Government to introduce regulation, similar to that introduced in other major international cities, to reduce the levels of helicopter noise pollution in urban areas, which ensures all helicopter flights are registered with a central agency, incentivises helicopter manufacturers to reduce noise pollution in newer models, bans night-time flights, and the disincentivises the use of private helicopters in urban areas."

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