Fair Deal Needed for Cyclists during Olympics

July 23, 2012 9:43 AM

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake tabled an Early Day Motion last night expressing concern over Olympic regulations that will harm the thousands of commuters who cycle to work each day in the Capital.

The motion implores "that this House recognises the outstanding development and success of professional cycling in the UK over the past 10 years, as well as the welcome growth of amateur cycling in the UK; but raises concern about the logistical impact of Olympic Games Lanes on the daily commute of cyclists; and calls on Transport for London to monitor on a daily basis whether cyclists need to be excluded from the Games Lanes which will exacerbate congestion and send the wrong message about the importance of commuting by bike."

Mr Brake's also questions the spectre of large fines and the decision to make many of London's roads no-go zones for cyclists in order to prioritise Olympic Games Lanes which will whisk so-called 'VIPs' to and from London's venues.

"While Great Britain's professional cyclists look to collect medals in the Velodrome, London's commuting cyclists run the risk of collecting massive fines," Tom said.

Questioning the wisdom of Olympic organisers, Mr Brake said: "In truth, it is a situation that is worthy of the BBC's Olympic spoof Twenty Twelve - that an event that aims to encourage sporting participation will actually instead force cyclists off their bikes or into even more heavily congested roads and threaten them with £130 fines."

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