Sports clubs urged to seize Olympic Opportunity

August 10, 2012 10:58 AM

Local MP Tom Brake has called on local sports clubs to sign up for a new project designed to get hundreds of thousands of people across the UK to join in local sport during a weekend that will give an Olympic and Paralympic boost to sports clubs across the whole of the UK.

The 'Join In Weekend' has been established with the specific aim of getting as many people as possible who have been Inspired by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to turn up, take part and join in at their local sports facilities on 18th / 19th August - the first weekend between the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Tom Brake said: "Every great champion started at their local sports facilities. "The 'Join In Weekend' is a great platform for clubs to harness the enthusiasm London 2012 and make sure they get the local community engaged. I hope clubs here in Sutton will sign up at and really enjoy the opportunity of 18th/19th August."

London 2012 have also welcomed the work that 'Join In Local Sport' is doing. Seb Coe, Chair of London 2012, said, "We are really happy to support the 'Join In' project, it is a great idea that means that thousands of people across the UK can turn up and take part in local sports just after the Olympic Games finishes.

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