Autumn Statement 2012

December 19, 2012 1:43 PM

The Liberal Democrats are committed to building a stronger and fairer society. This has been reflected in the government's Autumn Statement which has taken the tough but fair decisions needed to tackle the economic situation we inherited after the worst financial crisis in generations. We're attempting to rebuild the economy in the fairest way possible by making sure that the rich pay their share and the poor aren't unduly squeezed whilst also bringing the cost of our welfare system under control and cutting Whitehall waste.

What have we done?

The Coalition government has been responsible for cutting income tax for every ordinary worker in Britain, cutting the deficit by a quarter, creating over one million private sector jobs, and maintaining low interest rates, which have benefitted thousands of families across the UK. We have been part of one of the biggest crack-downs on tax avoidance schemes in recent history including on large companies and businesses and wealthy individuals - believing that the only way we can all get through this crisis is if the burden is fairly shared.

The Autumn Statement 2012 has delivered an ambitious plan for structural reforms to our weakened economy - to reduce the deficit, restore stability and rebalance the economy. The Liberal Democrat guiding principle in all of this is fairness; and in all of this we have pushed to keep this value at the centre of everything we have done as part of the coalition government.

How will the changes affect you and make your life easier?

Making sure the rich pay their fair share

What about wider changes?

The widespread damage inherited by this government from the financial crisis, Labour's bad handling of the economy and the continuing crisis in Europe has meant that the benefits of our plans are taking longer than expected to come into effect. But this government remains committed to what it believes is the right plan for the UK which are slowly but surely rebuilding our economy.

What would you like to do next?