MP Creates a buzz

January 29, 2013 5:21 PM

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake joined a giant bumble bee and campaigners from the environmental charity Friends of the Earth to draw attention to the alarming decline in UK bee numbers.

Carshalton and Wallington has a number of dedicated beekeepers.

Tom said:

"I am deeply worried about the rapid decline in British Bees. Like many others, I cannot imagine our countryside and green spaces without these buzzing creatures."

"We depend on bees, from the apples we eat to the coffee we drink. I am happy I could show my support for the campaign to save our bees."

Bees are not only makers of honey, they are also crucial for pollinating crops and plants. A sharp fall in their number in recent years has led to growing concerns about the impact this may have on the local environment, farmers and the economy.

A study last year found that if bees disappeared it would cost British farmers at least £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops - which would cause food prices, such as fresh fruit and veg, to rocket

Friends of the Earth's Executive Director Andy Atkins said:

"I'm delighted Tom Brake MP is showing support for Britain's threatened bees - they are under severe threat and need all the support they can get.

"People up and down the country can help by creating bee-friendly gardens and habitats to enable bees to thrive, but it is vital that the Government does its bit too by introducing a National Bee Action Plan." Tom Brake in the company of a FOE’ giant bumble bee

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