Residents say ‘Burger Off’

July 10, 2013 2:59 PM

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake has thrown his weight behind a campaign to stop a fast-food chain restaurant from coming to Stafford Road in Wallington.

Last Saturday the MP joined over 40 residents who gathered in Stafford Road to voice their concerns about the planning application submitted to Sutton Council to erect a two-storey, drive-through McDonald's restaurant.

Tom Brake said: "Many constituents have contacted me to express their concerns about the impact of this fast-food restaurant, if it is built, on the quality of local lives and the local environment. The overwhelming majority of residents I have spoken to are against it."

"This is why I am getting behind the local residents and will support the campaign to stop McDonald's from coming to Stafford Road."

Residents have launched a campaign to stop the development and have been collecting signatures for their petition to block the application. Those who oppose it, object to the increased congestion, traffic pollution and the noise that the development could bring to what is primarily a residential area and already a busy road. Some have also raised concerns about littering and the possibility of higher levels of anti-social behaviour that late-night restaurants of this type are often associated with. The campaigners, backed by Tom Brake MP and Councillor Jayne McCoy, have already gathered over 1000 signatures.

Councillor Jayne McCoy said: "Local residents and businesses have made it very clear to us that they do not think that this application is right for Wallington. We will be presenting this petition to the Council's planning department as a demonstration of residents' concerns."

Alan Fitter, resident heading up the campaign said: "A petition with over 1000 names and hundreds of objections sent to the council should show McDonalds that the people of Wallington don't want them here".

Steve Cook, from the Onslow Gardens Residents Association (OGRES) said: "OGRES which represents the area around Blenheim Gardens, badly affected by this McDonalds proposal, heartily objects to this planning application. Due mainly to the impact it will have on our local residents amenities - such as the increased noise, light, traffic and litter plus the inappropriate design which overlooks neighbouring properties."

Tom Brake and Councillor Jayne McCoy with local residents presenting the petition against application.The proposed development in Stafford Road, on the site of the former BP petrol station, include a two-storey late-night McDonald's restaurant, drive-through, outdoor dining area, 44 car parking spaces and illuminated signs for adverts.

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