Lib Dem Membership Surge Tops 16,000 in Fight for Our European Future

Over 16,000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats since Tim Farron declared that the party will go into the General Election committed to restoring Britain’s place at the heart of Europe. The joining rate peaked at one new member a minute, as impassioned people continued to join the only UK party that refuses to give up Britain’s place in Europe.

Tom Brake also vowed to continue the fight for European cooperation, refusing to give in to inward-looking nationalistic politics and to focus instead on how to maximise the benefits of working with the other 27 EU countries.

As leading Brexiteers continue to pass the buck as to who will clean up the mess caused by David Cameron and Co., the Lib Dems have a clear message ‘We are, and always have been, better IN Europe.’

New members are coming from all walks of life and political persuasions, including some who voted “Leave”, so horrified by the economic and political chaos that has followed Brexit, as well as the broken promises of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage.

There are also many young people who want to be free to work, study and travel in Europe. Their future has now come under threat, as questions continue to be raised as to whether they will be able to participate in valuable EU programmes such as Erasmus+, which gives grants to students and trainees, allowing many continue their studies abroad.

Tom Brake reflecting on the recent referendum result, said: “If you believe in a liberal, tolerant and international Britain, a Britain that leads in Europe rather than turns its back on our closest neighbours, then join the 16,000 people who have become  Lib Dem members since the referendum. As a nation we should be embracing this increasingly interconnected world, not taking a backwards step by leaving the world’s single largest market, endangering the prosperity of the UK in the process. Now more than ever, your help is needed to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities that we were all afforded.’

If you want to join the fight to keep us in Europe, join thousands of like-minded people at and become a member of a party which wants an optimistic, hopeful, diverse and tolerant Britain.