Rail fare rises another kick in the teeth for local commuters

key_sacksouthernimage.pngThe Government have confirmed that rail fares are expected to increase by 3.2% next year.

The rise in prices, which follows an increase in prices of 3.6% for this year, means some commuters will have to pay hundreds more, but still suffer an appalling service.

Commenting on the expected rise in the cost of regulated rail fares, Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

“Local rail users already suffer enough from the terrible service provided by GTR Southern Rail and Thameslink, so the idea of paying even more for this service is an outrageous kick in the teeth for long-suffering customers.

Rather than raising prices, the Government should be punishing rail providers for their shocking service by stripping them of their contracts. Instead the Government are allowing the failing rail companies to make more profits at the expense of improving rail services and frustrated commuters.”

Tom Brake is campaigning for Southern Rail to be sacked after their dreadful service has caused such misery for local residents. He wants local rail services to be managed by Transport for London. You can add your name to Tom’s petition here: http://www.tombrake.co.uk/sack_southern

Tom has set out a comprehensive package of measures to address passengers’ concerns.

He would:

  •         Ban companies that breach the terms of their rail services contract from bidding for future franchises for a period of time
  •         Allow public sector bodies to bid for franchises to provide some real competition to complacent private sector train operators
  •         Give Transport for London responsibility for London suburban rail services to improve reliability and integration with the Overground, Tube, buses and DLR

And to benefit passengers directly:

  •         Introduce higher levels of passenger compensation, triggered by shorter delays
  •         Guarantee that no train fares rise at a rate faster than inflation until train company performance reaches an acceptable level
  •         Simplify train fares so people have certainty they are paying the lowest price for their journeys
  •         Introduce more flexible ticketing to reflect new ways of working (part-time working, home-working etc)
  •         Finally, sack the Transport Secretary.  His career has hit the buffers! After all, there is no point to a Transport Secretary who denies all responsibility for rail services.

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