Tom Brake Calls on Minister to Secure the Future of Vulnerable Children across the UK

Tom Brake MP is calling on the Minister for Children and Families to take further action on the ‘child in need’ review.


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The fight against single-use plastic consumption must continue - Brake

Following a Liberal Democrat victory whilst in Government in 2015, which saw a 5p charge for single-use plastic carrier bags introduced, Tom Brake MP has signed a pledge being promoted by Sky Ocean Rescue to #PassOnPlastic and commit to reducing single-use plastic consumption.


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White House junior aide linked to Russia probe briefed FCO - Brake

Details have emerged of George Papadopoulos, a Trump aide who admitted lying to the FBI regarding his ties to Russia, having three separate meetings with British Foreign Officeofficials in September 2016 following the EU referendum.


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National Sikh War Memorial to be erected in Central London

A National Sikh War Memorial, honouring the sacrifices and the contributions of Sikh soldiers during World War One is to be erected in Central London.


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Brake: ‘Unemployment rise a warning sign’

Tom Brake MP responds to ONS figures showing the first rise in unemployment in two years.


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Government must wake up to crisis facing NHS as A&E wait times hit record levels - Lib Dems

Commenting on reports that NHS A&E waiting times have hit the worst levels on record, Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton & Wallington, said:


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Tom Brake welcomes latest Cancer Week Campaign

Tom Brake MP welcomed last week’s latest cancer awareness week campaign by NHS England (London).


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MP backs health campaign to save lives with scarves

Tom Brake MP is donning his scarf this winter to support Asthma UK’s #Scarfie campaign, urging people in Carshalton and Wallington with asthma to wear a scarf this winter to prevent a life-threatening asthma attack.


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Shocking neglect of psychosis patients exposed by Lib Dems

Shocking evidence of discrimination against people with severe mental illness has been uncovered by the Liberal Democrats, as a national survey reveals that a flagship treatment programme for psychosis is not being properly delivered in most parts of the country.


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Brake calls for urgent investigation following the Presidents’ Club Charitable Trust fundraising dinner

Tom Brake MP co-signed two letters written by Jo Swinson MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, supporting her complaint about the Presidents’ Club Charitable Trust and backing a referral to the Charity Commission.


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