Anderson terrorism report shows security services need more resources not new powers

The Anderson report has found that the Manchester Arena bomber had been a "subject of interest" and opportunities to stop him were missed.


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Over 10,000 patients forced to wait over 30 minutes in ambulances outside A&E

Over 10,000 patients had to wait at least 30 minutes in ambulances outside A&E in the week ending December 3rd, new figures on winter pressures facing the NHS have revealed.


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Shelter report reveals 128,000 children homeless on Christmas day

A shocking 128,000 children in Britain will wake up homeless and in temporary accommodation this Christmas, a new report by Shelter reveals.


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Tom Brake MP teams up with young people to protect marginalised groups post Brexit

Tom Brake MP engaged with young leaders in a public policy debate surrounding the impact of a hard Brexit on the economy at the Marginalised Young People and Brexit event.


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Govt must freeze rail fares to prevent Brexit price hike - Tom Brake

UK rail fares will rise by 3.4% in January, the largest increase for five years, due to rising inflation since the Brexit vote.


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Tom Brake MP praises the UK Emergency Services after Blue Light Collaboration Day

Tom Brake MP praised the UK Emergency Services after witnessing the incredible work and coordination of the London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service and the British Transport Police in a range of emergency demonstrations during Blue Light Collaboration Day earlier this month.


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Ten takeaways from the Autumn Budget - Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have revealed ten key takeaways from today's Autumn Budget, including a £65bn hit to tax receipts, a fall in wages and rise in borrowing.


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Army numbers down 2,000 since Conservative 82,000 manifesto pledge

Army numbers have fallen by over 2,000 since the Conservative 2015 Manifesto pledge to keep troop levels above 82,000, analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.


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Tom Brake MP calls for Proportional Representation

Tom Brake MP rose up against the outdated and unrepresentative First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system in favour of Proportional Representation in a recent debate in the House of Commons.


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Extra funding in Budget less than half what NHS needs

Philip Hammond has announced just £1.6bn of NHS funding for 2018-19, less than half the £4bn that NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens and leading think tanks have said is needed.


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