A fairer deal for commuters

In the last few years, we’ve heard it all; not enough drivers, countless signal failures, last minute cancellations, overcrowded trains, appalling customer service and an embarrassing delay and repay scheme. The service offered by train operators like Southern and Thameslink is dreadful. 

Furthermore, the current "delay and repay" compensation system doesn't work.

How does it make sense that passengers only get some compensation for a journey that normally takes 30-45 minute into central London if their journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more? It’s simply not fair.

That’s why I’m calling for 50% compensation of a single fare to be made available for a delay of 15-29 minutes, with 100% compensation offered for delays of 30 minutes or more as part of the changes to the ‘Delay Repay’ scheme.

If you agree with me that we need to sort out Southern and Thameslink’s substandard service now, add your name below to support my calls for fairer compensation and I'll keep you updated on the latest developments.

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    Sign the petition: Improving train services
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