Housing & Families

The Liberal Democrats want to see a fair society where people are able to able to provide for their family, afford decent housing, and enjoy high-quality local services. We will create a fair benefits system and reverse unfair policies which were driven through by the Conservatives that attack the poor and vulnerable.

A large amount of the work I do for residents revolves around the lack of housing, overcrowding, housing repairs and benefits. In one of the world's most expensive cities, people need help with buying or renting housing and financial support when they fall on hard times or are ill or unable to work. But more than ever before, I’m seeing a Government leave people in the lurch. This is when people need an experienced MP to fight their corner. - Tom Brake



Reach a housebuilding target of 300,000 homes a year by 2022, including direct building by government.

Work with Sutton Council to build the high-quality affordable homes we need

Ensure that the Government keeps their word and fully implements my successful campaign to ban letting fees for tenants.

End the scandal of rough sleeping by increasing support for homelessness prevention and adequately funding age-appropriate emergency accommodation and supported housing. More here


Extend free childcare to all two-year olds, and give new fathers an extra month’s paid paternity leave.

Committing to a long-term goal of 30 hours’ free childcare a week for all parents in England with children aged from two to four years.

Take 13,000 children out of poverty by letting both parents earn before their Universal Credit is cut, and also reverse cuts to the Family Element.

Reversing the cuts to Work Allowances in Universal Credit and Employment Support Allowance to those in the Work-related Activity Group. More here

For more information on our plans for families click here or contact me at info@tombrake.co.uk with your questions.