Brake: 5,366 fewer teachers is a national outrage

Shocking research findings by the School Cuts campaign has established that there are 5,366 fewer teachers and 2,797 fewer teaching assistants compared to last year, while the number of pupils has risen by 136,544.


Commenting on the revelation, Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

“This is a national outrage. Our schools have endured billions of pounds of funding cuts in recent years and the results are starting to show.

“Our children only get one chance at school and we know that education cuts never heal. As a country, we should be investing in young people. Education is the most vital tool we can give them.

“The Education Secretary Damian Hinds needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. His complete lack of action in fighting for the £2 billion of funding per year that schools need is causing long-lasting damage.”

In Sutton, schools are projected to lose anywhere up to £320,000 by 2020 if school funding continues to dwindle. For more information on the School Cuts campaign and how to take action in your area visit

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