Economy & Business

Britain needs an economy that creates jobs and opportunities. Conservative actions risk our future, relying on debt to prop up growth. We will build an economy that works for the long term: prosperous, green, and fair.

“The Liberal Democrats are a pro free-trade, pro-business party. I know that if we want to support the most vulnerable, give people the opportunity to succeed and deliver strong schools, hospitals and other public services we need a growing, stable economy. That is why I have been a champion of local businesses in our community for two decades - Tom Brake”

Locally I will: 

Build on my strong relationships with local businesses to help them flourish and bring in economic success.

Continue to support the development of the London Cancer hub, which is expected to bring in £1 billion of investment to our local economy and create 13,000 jobs. 

Work with the Sutton Council to promote apprenticeships, encourage more investment into the borough and build on the £410 million invested since 2012.









Commit to a responsible and realistic £100 billion package of additional infrastructure investment, with a National Infrastructure Commission overseeing this investment.

Aim in the long-term, and as resources allow, to raise the employee National Insurance threshold to the Income Tax threshold, while protecting low earners’ ability to accrue pension and benefit entitlements.

Take tough action against corporate tax evasion and avoidance.

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Control the national debt by eliminating the day-to-day deficit and then only borrowing to invest. This means we will be able to keep debt as a share of national wealth falling through the Parliament, unless there is a recession.

Ensure those with the highest incomes and wealth are making a fair contribution by reversing cuts to corporation tax and the Marriage Allowance.

Establish an independent review to consult on how to set a genuine Living Wage across all sectors.

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Protect the science budget, including the recent £2 billion increase, by continuing to raise it at least in line with inflation with a long-term goal is to double innovation and research spending across the economy.
Fight to keep the UK a member of the Single Market and as part of the largest free trading market in the world.
Create a new ‘start up allowance’ to help those starting a new business with their living costs in the crucial first weeks of their business.

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