Another Low Point for Conservative Government

Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, is outraged at the Government’s decision to scrap  crucial child poverty targets on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. Along with his Liberal Democrat colleagues, Tom believes these targets are necessary to in order make a real impact on poverty numbers.

The Welfare Reform and Rork Bill will repeal the Child Poverty Act, introduced in 2010, and remove child poverty targets for government and local councils, while introducing new “so-called” life chances poverty measures around family, debt, and addiction. Ministers wanted to also remove a statutory duty to publish levels of UK household income as part of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, but have now accepted, after a battle with the House of Lords, that the material deprivation measures should remain protected.

Tom said, “The Conservative Government continues to scrap measures that are vital to the wellbeing of those less fortunate in our society. We cannot ignore the issue that lack of money is a huge factor in poverty. Including the income measure of child poverty will only supplement new measurements and benefit those children who are in dire need of help.”

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