Western Balkan Summit

Boris Johnson managed to make our country a laughing stock one last time as Foreign Secretary when he pressed for the UK to host a meeting aimed at helping countries to join the EU. 


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Gibraltar’s Vulnerability is Growing

I landed in Gibraltar with a heavy heart. Fifteen months on from my first exploratory visit to see how Brexit was affecting it, I had no good news for the people of this British Overseas Territory.


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Windrush Update

I raised the extremely important issue of the Windrush scandal in parliament last week

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Sutton Lib Dems building Council homes

I was pleased to have raised the important and great work of Sutton Council in building new Council homes in Sutton in Parliament last week.

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Letter to Prime Minister about Customs Union

Dear Theresa,

We are writing regarding our membership of the Customs Union.


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Tom Brake: ‘I’ve seen ministers’ homework - a child could have done it’

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake has seen the government’s ‘top secret’ analysis of the impact of Brexit. He reports back on what he found.


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'Global Britain' Is The Government's Latest Fantasy

EU membership has given us access to far more favourable trade deals - we would be foolish to give it up


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Article for Politics First April 2018 edition

At a Vote Leave press conference on 24 June 2016, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, two of the Brexit campaign’s most prominent figures, faced the cameras for the first time since it became clear that the UK had voted to leave the European Union. They had just won a stunning political victory, yet, somehow, the press conference was more reminiscent of a hostage video than a celebration.


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This vote in Parliament could give the public the final say on Brexit, but only if Labour back it

Who would have bet a few months ago that hardcore Brexiteers would sign up to a whopping divorce bill and a commitment to accept freedom of movement, all EU rules and regulations and ECJ rulings until at least 2021?


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Tom Brake: Attitudes to Brexit have shifted. We need a public vote on the deal

Even though David Davis and I don’t agree on many things, we do agree on this (which he said in a speech on the EU in 2012): “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.”


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