Border challenge for Brexit

By Tom Brake MP:

Brexit is nothing if not about big numbers; 3.2 million EU citizens in the UK and at least 1.2 million UK citizens in the EU lives destabilised, a settlement bill which could run to over £50 billion, 800 to 1000 pieces of legislation to be fast-tracked into UK law with minimum or no scrutiny. 


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Many politicians look suspiciously at the digital world - I say bring it on

As we approach the final months of the year, it's safe to say that 2017 already feels like it will be remembered as a momentous year for the relationship between politics and the digital world.


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With only a year to go to strike a Brexit deal, the Government must get real

As the PM stood on the podium inside the Iglesia Novella last Friday with the slogan “shared history, shared challenges and shared future” in the background, one would have been excused for thinking that Theresa May was about to announce that we were staying in the EU after all.


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Repeal bill: The government should prepare for legislative war

If May isn’t careful, this bill will sink under the weight of all its amendments

The new parliamentary session is getting underway, and tomorrow the government will introduce its “Repeal Bill”—the most significant step yet in the Brexit process. This will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, which gives primacy to EU law. All existing EU legislation will then be transposed into British law. At least, that’s the government’s plan.

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Tom Brake MP: It’s time for David Davis to walk his talk

The Westminster attack was an assault on democracy – let it not be an assault on freedom too

Point of Order on Brexit - "How will we hold those responsible for Brexit failures to account?"

Tom Brake MP: The Lib Dems will stand up to arrogant Tories and spineless Labour


Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake says that although the battle over Article 50 has been lost, the Brexit tussle has only just begun.

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Farron's Leader's Speech to Liberal Democrat Conference


Today, at Liberal Democrat party conference in York, leader Tim Farron will say the party is Britain's best vehicle for political change.  He will boldly say that the party want to replace Labour and be the progressive opposition to the Conservatives.  He will attack Labour for their failure to provide an effective opposition and slam the Conservatives. He will call on business to 'dump' the Tories and for moderate Conservatives to defect. 

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Protecting our fellow Europeans is paramount during Brexit

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