As of last night, we are one step closer to a No-Deal Brexit

Brexit has become a long, expensive and embarrassing mess, and the Labour party are helping the Tories to deliver it.


Since the 2016 vote, the Liberal Democrats have been working hard to give the final say to the people, providing citizens with the choice of staying in the EU or supporting the Government’s Brexit. The Lib Dems have also been pressing the Government to rule out No Deal which would be highly damaging for British jobs and livelihoods.

Depressingly, yesterday, Labour MPs assisted the Government in keeping No-Deal on the table. An amendment, proposed by Labour MP Yvette Cooper, would have rejected a No-Deal outcome, at least delaying Brexit, but 14 Labour MPs voted with the Conservatives and other Labour MPs abstained, ensuring the Cooper amendment was defeated.

To add insult to injury, separately the Government endorsed the Brady amendment. This was passed. It mandates the Government to re-open the Withdrawal Agreement and scrap the Irish backstop arrangement the PM painfully negotiated over a 21 month period. The PM must instead seek, as yet undefined and most believe non-existent, ‘alternative arrangements’. The amendment was voted through in the full knowledge that attempts to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement have been repeatedly and firmly rejected by the EU.

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said:

"A No-Deal Brexit would be disastrous not only for the NHS, but for our own jobs and our security. The Conservatives need finally to step up and rule out No-Deal. They must accept their responsibility to put our country and its citizens first.

"The Labour party had the opportunity to reject No-Deal. Instead it failed to remain united enough to follow through with it. The Cooper amendment could have helped to dig us out of this hole.

"There is no more time for negotiation. We need a People’s Vote with an option to stay in the EU if we are to avoid crashing out of the EU."

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