Brake and Clusters Combine Forces

Last week Tom Brake teamed up with local charity Clusters to provide an ad-hoc surgery for Clusters users at the Wallington URC church in Holmwood Hall, Holmwood Gardens, Wallington. He took up cases related to a range of issues from employment rights to benefits.

Clusters which meets each Wednesday provides recreational, educational and leisure activities for adults with disabilities. The group aims to help the disabled by reducing their isolation, boosting their self esteem and helping assist individuals in more independent lifestyles.

Opened in 2003, the organisation is open to all adults and provides workshops and classes to help the disabled develop new practical and social skills.

Tom Brake said “I enjoyed meeting people from Clusters and working out what action I can take to assist those who need my help. The importance of groups like Clusters cannot be under emphasised, they form a vital part of care and take pressure off the NHS by encouraging independence.”

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