On Tuesday Tom Brake MP criticised Conservative proposals to sell off social housing. These plans could see thousands of families across Carshalton and Wallington lose the opportunity to get rooves over their heads.

Liberal Democrats have criticised the move as “irresponsible” as it will ramp up demand for housing and increase rents.

The Housing and Planning Bill - debated in the House of Commons on Monday - includes plans to force councils to sell low rent homes in high value areas.

Tom Brake MP said:

Carshalton and Wallington faces a housing crisis, where people cannot afford to get a house in the place they grew up in and work in. Access to decent housing is a basic right, and that’s why I’m speaking out against this Bill. The government should be doing more to promote social housing and affordable homes, but instead the Tories are pushing ahead with these irresponsible plans which will reduce the number of low rent, social homes in the places they are needed most, denying people the chance of a safe and secure home.

“The Liberal Democrats are committed to defending social housing. As a party, we are making the case that the government should not be forcing the hand of local councils requiring them to sell off much needed local housing.”


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