Brake Blasts Government for Robbing Peter to Pay Paul


At Department of Communities and Local Government questions on Monday in the House of Commons, in an exchange about social care funding, Tom Brake MP blasted the Secretary of State about cuts to Sutton Council’s funding.

Tom Brake MP said:

‘‘It is deeply shameful for the Secretary of State to make spurious claims about Government generosity on social care funding, when he knows that the Government are robbing Peter to pay Paul and leaving local Councils worse off.

Around the country, thousands of people are seeing services withdrawn, 15 minute home visits are the norm, and the needs of vulnerable people are being neglected as many councils struggle to make ends meet.

It is time the Government recognised the crisis in social care and got a grip.”

The social care precept (in other words a Council tax increase) in Sutton will raise about £2.5 million if the Council tax increase is set at 3%, but Sutton is losing £8 million in grant from central Government. The Government’s one-off social care grant will give Sutton about £750,000 extra, but Sutton is also losing £1.5 million from the New Homes Bonus changes, which are paying for the one-off grant, resulting in a loss of around £800,000 to Sutton’s Council taxpayers.

You can read the transcript of the question here:

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