Brake: Britain’s Young People Better Off In Europe

The future of Britain’s youth is better secured within the European Union, says Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake. Tom believes that a Brexit would put younger generations at a disadvantage as a result of the ensuing economic turmoil and potential loss of privileges like the freedom to travel, study and work within the EU.

Throughout the referendum campaign, prominent university and student groups, academics, major unions, security experts, economists, international organisations and numerous world leaders have all concluded that Britain is better off in the EU. While young people are twice as likely to support Britain remaining in the EU, only half are expected to vote.

Tom said, 

"It’s not just about cheaper roaming charges and travel within the EU; it’s way beyond that. This referendum is about opportunities for the up-and-coming generations, the opportunity to benefit from programmes like Erasmus, the chance to start a great career in a stable British economy, or in another EU country. Young people want to see an outward-looking Britain, one that tackles major issues like climate change with its partners, not an isolationist one. More than anyone else, this vote is about the future prosperity of our young adults—that’s why it’s crucial that they vote”.

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