Brake Celebrates Lib Dem Policy of Shared Parental Leave for Both Parents

As of this week, the policy for thirty-nine weeks parental leave for both parents will come fully into practice. The Liberal Democrat policy is part of our mission to create a fairer society and create opportunity for all.

This policy will help couples who have just had children decide who can have the time off from work to give adequate attention to a newborn baby, rather than the old-fashioned system which assumed responsibility on the mother.


Jo Swinson, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment relations, consumer and postal affairs commented:

“This is a momentous step forward for families and for parents in work. Shared parental leave can make an incredibly positive difference in a child’s life and help both mums and dads make the best decisions for them and their families. Parenting is a shared endeavour and now dads have the opportunity to spend more time with their new baby in those vital early weeks.

The Liberal Democrats are the driving force behind this change, and we’re pushing to go further in the next parliament. We want to champion the role of dads, and triple paternity leave, giving all fathers an extra month to spend with their child.”


Tom Brake Commented:

“Being a father of two myself, I would have loved the opportunity to spend more time with my children when they were under a year old. I think this policy ticks all the boxes; it helps improve gender equality by allowing mothers to remain in work after giving birth and allows fathers to spend more time with their children! I’m pleased to see this Act finally coming into practice and the Lib Dems have delivered another key policy during our time in Government”

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