Brake invites International Women's Day Contest Winner Kerry to Spend the Day in Westminster

Tom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington brought the winner of a constituency competition, Kerry Irvine, into Westminster for a day, in order to support International Women’s Day and greater gender equality in politics.

Pictured: Tom (Left) and competition winner Kerry Irvine (Right)

Her visit was part of the International Women’s Day, which aims to promote greater representation for women in the House of Commons. The event, which was set up by the UN, aims to inspire a new generation of women to get involved in politics and to improve accessibility for women into Parliamentary seats.


The contest which Tom held for International Women’s Day involved asking young women in his constituency “What can we do to get more women involved in politics?”. The winner, as judged by Tom was 16 year old student from Nonsuch High School for Girls, Kerry Irvine who showed remarkable insight into how to involve more women in politics.


Commenting on the event, Tom Brake said: “I am delighted to see such an enthusiastic and intelligent young woman taking such a keen interest in politics and it was my pleasure to have her accompany me and my staff for the day. I hope she’s taken plenty away from the experience and I hope to see her in Westminster again soon!”

Contest winner Kerry Irvine added: “The insight and experience that working with Tom Brake today has given me is invaluable, and International Women's Day has inspired me to pursue a career in politics."

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