Brake joins hundreds at #SouthernJustice Protest

On Thursday evening Tom Brake MP joined the Association of British Commuters action group and hundreds more at a protest at Victoria Station in London.


The Association of British Commuters has established a fighting fund with the intention to take the Government to court, specifically for the failure to make transparent and accountable the contract held by Govia Thameslink Railway, who run Southern Rail.

Tom Brake MP said: ‘‘

''London commuters have long suffered Southern Rail's incompetence and thoroughly dreadful service. We're paying huge sums of money every year for delayed and overcrowded trains – and that's only if they even turn up.

It's time for the Conservative Government to stand up to GTR, strip Southern of their franchise immediately and hand it over to Transport for London (TfL). The service is terrible and it needs to be fixed immediately.

Apologies and empty promises are not enough; it's long past time for the Government to sack Southern. Commuters' patience has finally run out and Southern Rail have reached their final destination.''

Find out more about Tom Brake MPs Sack Southern campaign here.


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