Brake Pushes Bill for Referendum on Withdrawal Agreement

On Wednesday, Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake presented a Private Member’s Bill to Parliament, requiring a referendum to be held. The referendum would contain the option for the UK to stay in the EU or to implement the PM’s deal. His bill also required the Prime Minister to request an extension of the two-year negotiation period to provide time for the People’s Vote.


Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said:

"I hope that the Government will finally see that the European Union (Referendum on Withdrawal Agreement) Bill is our only escape route. It is time they considered the effects that Brexit would have on people, businesses and relationships the UK has formed with other EU countries.

"I will not stop pushing this bill, and will continue attempting to open the eyes of the Conservatives who fail to admit the inevitable disaster that Brexit would bring.

"This bill would give the people a say on the future of their everyday lives now that the reality of Brexit is clearer. All aspects of society will change otherwise, and for the worse. The Government need to admit that Brexit is bad for the future of the UK."

Without a People’s Vote, it is very possible that the UK will suffer from a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit. This scenario would result in immeasurable damage.

To name a few, Nissan has already pulled out its investment in the UK, Airbus has warned its UK production would be interrupted, Ford has estimated an added expense of £612 million this year alone, supermarkets and fast food chains have said they would be incapable of stockpiling sufficient fresh food from European countries and Standard & Poor’s have warned that UK unemployment would rise from 4% to 7% by 2020.

As this was a Presentation Private Member’s Bill, there was no debate after Tom’s presentation; however, it will be read again for debate on 22 March.

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