Brake Shows the Love for a Greener Future

Tom Brake MP joined thousands of people in the UK proudly wearing green hearts as part of The Climate Coalition's 'Show The Love' campaign which celebrates the people, places and lives that need immediate protection from climate change.


A report released from the Coalition warned that extreme weather is hitting British fruit and vegetable yields – and even leading to smaller chips. The UK needs a net zero emissions target by 2050 to save future generations from the countless detrimental results of climate change. This is also Liberal Democrat policy.

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"I’m proud to wear my green heart and support a net zero emissions future. I encourage residents of Carshalton and Wallington to take action to protect all of the things they hold dear.

"Climate change is damaging things we love in the UK and is hitting the most vulnerable people worldwide through heatwaves, crop failures and deadly natural disasters. I want to live to see a UK that no longer contributes to climate change.

"The Government needs to accept its role in saving our planet and set an ambitious target to reduce the emissions which are driving climate change."

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