Brake ‘spruces’ up The Wrythe at tree-planting event

Tom Brake joined the Friends of The Wrythe (aka Wrythe Memorial Events), and local Councillors Sam Wetherlake and Nali Patel, for a tree-planting event in the area between West and North streets to replace and add to the trees in the area.


The event was funded by a Greener City Fund grant that the Friends of the Wrythe won, enabling the new orchard to be planted for the community to enjoy.

Tom Brake, Lib Dem candidate for Carshalton & Wallington said:

“It was a pleasure to join the Friends of the Wrythe at their tree-planting event and to see people come together to make our area a little greener. The Friends of the Wrythe shared their vision for fruit-picking events, engaging children and families, pie-baking competitions, and all sorts of other fun events that the community will benefit from in the future.

“My thanks to the Friends of the Wrythe for inviting me and for all the work they do for our community.”

This event comes at a time when in their manifesto, the Liberal Democrats are making a commitment to plant 60 million trees across the United Kingdom every year. This is part of an ambitious plan to combat climate change and enact laws that will make sure the planet is preserved for future generations.

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