Brake Takes Up Fight for Staff and Volunteers at Wallington Cancer Research Shop Ear-Marked for Closure

Local MP Tom Brake visited the Cancer Research UK shop in Wallington last Saturday. After nearly 30 years of service in the community, the shop is scheduled to close in April this year.


Volunteers and customers of the Wallington High Street shop are devastated by this news and are working diligently to save it. Many of the volunteers have been working at the shop for 15 years and feel poorly treated and unappreciated.

In addition to raising money for Cancer Research, the shop provides a safe space for volunteers with mental health issues, as well as a consistent routine for their two volunteers with autism.

On behalf of the volunteers at the Wallington shop and the local community, Tom has written to the Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Research UK, Michelle Mitchell OBE, explaining why the shop matters and detailing the many reasons why it should remain open.

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"It was a shock to hear about the closure of the Cancer Research shop in Wallington. The volunteers are so passionate about their work and are distraught about losing a place that they call home.

"Cancer Research UK has already made tremendous impacts on cancer research, and their work will continue to improve our health. But their shops also play an incredibly supportive role for people with special needs or who require work experience.

"I will continue to support these volunteers and hope that my letter to the CEO will help shed light on the importance of this shop for the Wallington community."

Local Cancer Research shops are located throughout the UK and are vital for the progress of the charity’s work. People can donate clothing, accessories, homeware, linens, books and electronics, and the money earned goes directly to supporting new research. Last year, the UK charity shops raised a total of £80 million.

Cancer Research UK is dependent on donations and the work of volunteers. So far, the charity has invested more than £100 million into over 40 different research groups working towards new cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods. Their goal is that by 2034, 3 in 4 people survive cancer.

A petition to save the shop has been launched -- you can add your name here.

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