Brake talks Europe in Copenhagen

Tom Brake MP travelled to Copenhagen recently, joining Parliamentarians from across Europe at a conference to discuss the future of the continent.


Brake spoke about challenges faced in a post-Brexit world, while other Parliamentarians touched on the state of civil liberties in Eastern Europe, rising populism across the region and progressive politics in uncertain times.

With the focal point of the conference on the future of Europe, the Parliamentarians spoke to a large crowd of young Europeans while representatives from European youth organisations interviewed each speaker.

Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

"We are standing at a pivotal point in history. With nationalism on the rise in Europe and divisiveness ever present in our politics, it is becoming increasingly important for us to look to the future and work together to build bridges.

"Young people are our future, and it would be a disgrace to lead them blindly into a divided world that we have allowed to emerge. That is why we must engage with young people and work to empower them in the political process."

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