Brake throws support behind Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month


Local MP Tom Brake is supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this March, to help raise awareness of the disease and its symptoms and help save lives.



Over 7,000 women a year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer across the UK. Early diagnosis is key for the best chance of survival.


However, many women are still not aware of the four key symptoms; persistent bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, feeling full and/or loss of appetite and increased urinary urgency. Just one in five women are able to name the lead symptom of ovarian cancer – bloating.


Tom said:


“Early diagnosis is so important in defeating this deadly disease. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month will raise awareness of the symptoms, and so help to save women’s lives across the UK.”


“Knowing the symptoms and getting an early diagnosis saves lives. When a woman is diagnosed at the earliest stage, her chance of surviving for five years of more increases from 46% to more than 90%.

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