Tom Brake MP voted against Conservative Government plans to allow fracking under National Parks last week. Sadly the environmentally-alarming proposals were carried by 298 to 261 votes.

Tom said: “Our National Parks have some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK and are home to a huge variety of wildlife. It would be a travesty for this to be spoilt by fracking for short-term profit. There are some sites where fracking should be banned in all circumstances. It is tantamount to vandalism not to recognise that some areas simply must be protected from fracking, so they can be enjoyed by future generations.”

“What the UK needs is a low-carbon future to tackle climate-change, yet the Government pushes ahead with plans for fracking, whilst at the same time slashing support for renewable energy.”

The Government will now allow fracking 1200m below National Parks, with drilling taking place from outside the protected areas. This comes despite assurances from Ministers in January that there would be an "outright ban" on fracking in National Parks.

The vote took place with ballot papers, as part of a ‘deferred division’ and thus was not debated in the House of Commons.

Tom criticised the Government for using this method, saying “the Government’s decision to push through a huge change to allow fracking in our National Parks, without a proper debate is outrageous.”


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