Brake Welcomes Revised Parking Plans

Responding to the publication of Sutton Council’s revised parking plans for parts of Carshalton and Wallington, Tom Brake MP said:


"Many residents are supportive of parking controls and want to remove commuter parking from local roads. But there were also some important concerns, which I shared, around the size of the schemes, the loss of parking spaces in the proposed CPZs and the impact of the N1 van policy.

"I am pleased that my Lib Dem colleagues have listened to residents and my concerns and the revised plans are now targeted on specific areas like St Helier hospital and train stations. The new Parking Permit Area (PPA) schemes also mean that residents will not see a loss of parking spaces and will be allowed to park over dropped-kerbs.

"I also welcome the decision to change the N1 van policy as the implementation of this policy in areas like St Helier would have had a very negative impact on some residents who rely on such vans for their businesses."

Residents can have a look at the revised parking proposals here.

Residents will also be able to attend drop-in information events in June. The details of the events can be found here.

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