Breakthrough: 38 Degrees back plans to increase NHS Funding

The political-activism organisation 38 Degrees, with a reported 1.9 million UK members, has endorsed plans for a 1% increase in income tax to help fund our NHS.


Responding to this breakthrough, Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake said:

“This is excellent news. The Liberal Democrats are ardent champions of increasing income tax to give our NHS the funding it desperately needs.

“The Conservatives are asleep at the wheel as our NHS and social care services continue to plunge into crisis. People are routinely left stranded in hospital after they finish their treatment because the follow-up care and support they need is not available.

“It’s completely nonsensical that whilst demand grows and patient care suffers, we’re still not funding these critical services properly.

“There’s overwhelming evidence now that the public understands the importance of improving NHS funding, and is willing to pay for it. The Government need to wake up to this reality and act before it is too late.”

For more information on the Liberal Democrats’ health plan visit

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